Table Topics Role Cheat Sheet

Being the Table Topics Master at a Toastmasters meeting gives you the unique opportunity to put your fellow members on the spot. While it does involve some prep time (picking your questions), filling this role during the meeting is pretty easy. Follow these bullet points to make sure you don’t miss a step.

  • Prior to the meeting, come up with a few questions to ask the members and guests.
    • It’s usually pretty fun to follow the meeting theme, if there is one.
    • Around 6-10 questions are enough, we usually only ask 5 or so, but having extras in case of guests is never a bad thing!
  • The Toastmaster will call you up (to the lectern, podium, spotlighted screen in a virtual meeting, etc).
  • Give a brief explanation of how Table Topics work.
    • Be sure to mention the minimum and maximum times, and reiterate the Word of the Day so people remember to use it.
  • Ask your questions!
    • In general, you should ask people who are not in a speaking role that evening (give the poor Speakers a break!).
    • Try not to call on the Evaluators either, since they are busy preparing for their upcoming Evaluations.
    • However, if the meeting is light, go ahead and ask everyone a question.
  • Keep track of all the people who answered a question.
  • At the end, either when you ran out of questions or people or time (ending around ~6:30 for our meetings), you need to wrap up this section.
    • Ask the Timer to give a report on who met their time.
    • Ask the Grammarian to give a report on who used the Word of the Day.
    • Call for a vote for Best Table Topics, with only the answerers who met both the time and Word of the Day criteria.
  • That’s it!