My Why – Jennifer

By Jennifer Ferrero, DTM

My first Toastmasters speech was entitled, “I did it my way,” and was based upon the famous Frank Sinatra song.

Did you know that Sinatra never liked that song, yet it was one of his most popular?

For me, I joined Toastmasters because I knew that I wanted to become a stronger speaker. I had done quite a bit of training while owning my own businesses. But I always felt that I came off as nervous (because I was), insecure (because I was), too serious and focused on reading a speech off of paper (which I was doing)!

I knew I could improve. Was it life or death that I became a better speaker? No, but for me, I knew that I could do better.

What I didn’t know is how many opportunities would open up for me when I became a Toastmaster!

The choice

I made a choice almost immediately that I wanted to earn Distinguished Toastmaster, a designation that would take me through over 70 speeches, a leadership project, a club coaching role, a district manager role, and so much more.

It took a lot of work – but I earned Distinguished Toastmaster in just three years!

Now, because of this, I have had a chance to present at conferences and with my local chambers of commerce; I have built confidence in my training ability, and I am leading a training for business owners in my job – and having a wonderful time doing it. I have picked up my own training style – and no more nerves. Plus, my speeches are concise, funny, and organized.

Becoming a Toastmaster has been one of the most rewarding things that I have done in my career.

Won’t you give it a try this week?