Grammarian Role Cheat Sheet

The Grammarian role has two main parts. First, you will listen carefully to all speakers for any grammatical mistakes (incomplete sentences, mispronunciations, etc). The second part is to bring the Word of the Day and keep track of who uses the word in Table Topics. As a bonus, you can also take a note of any exceptional grammar or turns of phrase that you enjoyed. Here are the quick bullet points on how to fulfill your role.

  • Come prepared to the meeting with a Word of the Day, along with its pronunciation, definition and an example of using it in a sentence.
  • The Toastmaster will call on you to explain your role.
    • An example explanation is “As Grammarian, I will pay attention to all speakers and listen for proper language usage. I also brought the Word of the Day for Table Topics. Today’s word is Grammatical. Grammatical is an adjective that means ‘or or relating to grammer’ or ‘conforming to the rules of grammar’. An example of using Grammatical is ‘I will be listening for grammatical errors’. Thank you”.
  • Listen closely to all speakers and keep track of their use of grammar.
  • During the Table Topics section, pay attention to which speakers used the Word of the Day you provided. The Table Topics Master will ask you to give a Word of the Day report.
    • Go through the list of Table Topics speakers and say whether they remembered to use the word or not.
  • During the General Evaluation portion, the General Evaluator will ask you to give your final report.
    • If you noticed any grammatical mistakes, describe them now.
    • If you caught any exceptional or exciting use of grammar, give that person your kudos!